Maggie's 2019 Goals

I’m a daydreamer and a planner, and I’m very into New Year’s resolutions. But like so many of us, I tend to be a lot better at making the list of resolutions than actually sticking with them.

In January of 2014, I made my favorite and most successful New Year’s resolution. I vowed that year simply to wear more eyeliner—and I did! It was something simple that I enjoyed, which made it really easy to stick with. At the time, I was discouraged by all the lists and resolutions I’d been making and then breaking, and I just needed a win.

This year, in contrast, I am totally hyped on myself and all that I can accomplish. Last year was a huge year for me; I made some big changes and I accomplished a lot. I’m inspired to shoot for even more and bigger things in 2019.

To set myself up for success, I made a list of goals for the year, rather than resolutions. Resolutions are supposed to be things you’re already resolved to do, which makes me feel even worse when I can’t stick to them. Goals, however, are things you’re working toward, which seems a lot more realistic and attainable.

Here are my goals for 2019:

Focus on art and work at it like it’s a job. I claimed this for myself on a recent episode—I am going to open an etsy store for my collages. If there’s one thing that I learned in 2018, it’s that I need to create for my career. I can’t separate my job from my life, and I owe it to myself to at least try to make money doing something I’m passionate about. My deadline for launching the store is March 1st.

Get more Zen.
I mean this literally and as a reference to the podcast. I will keep working to find peace through meditation, exercise and self-care. I am also enthusiastic about taking The Gals Get Zen into year two. Hollie and I are renewing our focus on the podcast for 2019, and we’re excited about sharing with you new guests, new adventures and new outspoken opinions.

Reexamine my vices.
This is the year I investigate my relationship with wine (and other mood enhancers). I want to understand why I drink and the purpose drinking serves for me. To start, I’m doing alcohol-free January as part of our trial of Whole 30. I want to prove to myself that I can do it, and I’m excited to see what I can accomplish with the extra time and energy.

Get my house in order.
For years, I’ve been too busy or too overwhelmed to take care of normal, grown-up tasks like doing the dishes every night or going to the dentist. And after living in our house for two years, I am seeing how easy it is to fill up a three-bedroom house between just two people. We’re starting the year by tidying up our entire house using the KonMari method, and hopefully changing our attitude about physical possessions as we go.

Develop a schedule and live by it.
I’ve heard the same advice from multiple women who seem to have their shit together—start living by a schedule and you’ll free up your life. Rachael Cook spoke about it at the first Rebelle Con event, and it really stuck with me. This is the year I take it on for myself. I’m starting small and simply mapping out the week by devoting each afternoon to a regular weekly task. Since leaving my full-time job, I’ve learned I need to create structure for my afternoons in order to be productive. Mondays are my day for house work and podcast prep: Tuesdays are for off-site writing; Wednesdays are for collaging, etc. I’m hoping it will help me accomplish more and feel less guilty when I do relax.

Prepare for baby.
I need A LOT of time to prepare for big life decisions. Pete and I were together for 10 years before we got married; I considered moving back to Richmond for five years before we actually did it. And the decision to start trying to get pregnant has been at least three years in the making. For the first part of 2019, my task is to plan for the ways my life will change when I’m pregnant. I have a feeling pregnancy will be pretty tough for me since I’m such a wimp, and I’m going to need to do a lot of prep work to minimize the monster.

Most romantic year ever.
Here is Well + Good’s 2019 outlook for Leos (my sun sign). It’s so awesome that I decided to turn the prediction into a personal goal as well.

“Leo hit the jackpot. It’s the best romantic year in a decade for Leo. What if they’re already married? Your marriage partner’s still your lover, your sweetheart—a piece of paper doesn’t change that. This could also be the year to have a baby. And their creativity will flourish.”

More eyeliner, more lipstick.
Since 2014, I’ve kept this one, with a new caveat each year. If I stick to nothing else, I know I won’t let myself down with this one.