The Bloodstone That Started It All

I haven’t made up my mind on crystals yet. Do I believe that the vibrations of stones can affect our thoughts, health or spirit? I’m not sure. Am I feeling the energy of the crystal when I hold it in my palm, or am I just feeling my own heartbeat against the stone? I don’t know. But there’s something about crystals that I feel drawn to.

You could say that crystals are where it all began, for Hollie and me. We started the journey to this podcast a little less than two years ago, at the Aquarian Bookstore. Hollie asked a few friends at work if we’d like to go with her to Aquarian to buy some crystals. When I asked what inspired the field trip, she said, “it’s something I think I can believe in.”

We went one August evening after work, with our friend Alana. I had done some minimal research before going. I knew I was supposed to get Rose Quartz for general healing and protection, and I knew that I was supposed to let the crystals guide me. But when we got there, I was overwhelmed by the wall of colored stones, each with a description of its meaning and power. We paid for tarot readings with one of the shop’s “psychic consultants” so we could ask what crystals to buy.

That was a tumultuous summer for Hollie and me. We had only just met that March when I started at our agency. But after a couple nights of partying and events that often accompany serious drinking, we were quickly bonded. And when we walked in to the store, we had some things on our minds.

That summer of 2016, my dad was facing another complicated, invasive surgery. My father was diagnosed with kidney cancer in July of 2015, and since then, he has gone through two serious surgeries, localized radiation, and countless treatments and infusions. That same summer, Pete and I had been trying to buy a house, but after seven of our offers were rejected, we were thinking that we’d never find something,

I sat down with a psychic named Barbara.  At that time, I was very skeptical of tarot readings, and I told Barbara very little personal details to test her abilities. I asked if we would get a house, but I didn’t mention anything about my father.

I remember little about her interpretation of the cards, except that she said we would have good fortune in money that would allow us to buy a house. I also asked her about crystals. She told me I should really let the crystals guide me, but suggested I try Green Aventurine and Bloodstone. I left the small room still pessimistic about the process and a little snarky. That reading could have made sense for anyone, and I was betting the crystals she mentioned were just as generic.

And then I read the description on the wall for Bloodstone. “Courageous purity. Offering support and courage through adversity, this is the stone of the ‘Spiritual Warrior’. Use it to purify the liver and kidneys dispelling anger, fear and resentment.”

Without having mentioned anything about my father, or the type of illness he was suffering from, my psychic, directed me to a stone that cleansed the kidney. I ended up buying two bloodstones that day, giving one to my dad and keeping one for myself. He ended up not needing the surgery and went on without complications for more than a year.

On this week’s podcast, we reviewed our favorite crystals. Without consulting each other, Hollie selected Bloodstone as one of her favorites.

I still struggle to feel the vibration of crystals when I hold them in my palm, and I still feel more connected to the symbolism behind the stones, rather than their tangible powers. But that day at the crystal store helped me open my mind to new beliefs. Hollie and I found a deeper connection in our shared appreciation for these concepts. And consciously or unconsciously, we started the journey that led us to this moment, this podcast, and our commitment to self-discovery.