Hey y'all! We're Hollie Lansing and Maggie Callan aka Holls and Mags, two gals living in Richmond, Va. who love to try different tactics on the path to true happiness. We are believers in astrology, crystal energy, reiki, collaging and traditional psychotherapy. We are also fans of cute animals, cocktails and mocktails and naps. 

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Holls welcomes you to The Gals Get Zen.

Holls enjoys trying trendy fitness classes, eating at fancy restaurants and treating yo' self. Holls lives in Richmond, Va. with her cats Poopa Bear and Little Girl. 

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Mags welcomes you to The Gals Get Zen.

Mags loves self-help books, Tarot cards, natural remedies and staying forever young. She is a native of Richmond, Va. and lives in Church Hill with her hubby Pete and puppy Lilah. 

Photos by Alana Robinson, ANR Creative.